Welcome to High School MTB Training at CRUfit


Regular Participation in Cycling Classes:

All MTB athletes will be REQUIRED to attend one indoor cycling class per week during the 11 week winter training period at CRUfit. The cost of these REQUIRED indoor practice sessions is included in your team fees for the 2018 season. Your team fee payment does not cover the OPTIONAL training sessions.

Training Weeks (11):
Week of Dec 4th, Week of Dec 11th, Week of Jan 8th, Week of Jan 15th, Week of Jan 22nd, Week of Jan 29th. Week of Feb 5th, Week of Feb 12th, Week of Feb 19th, Week of Feb 26th, Week of Mar 5th

Weekly Schedule:

MONDAYS at 5pm – MTB Flexibility and Core – Tom Carpenter – OPTIONAL class open to all mountain bikers.

TUESDAYS at 4:30pm – Cycling Team Ride – Stewart Irving / Tom Low / Devin Lounds – REQUIRED training ride for Oakland Tech, Skyline and Piedmont athletes.

WEDNESDAYS at 4pm – Power and Speed for Teen Athletes (not cycling) – Matt Dallow – OPTIONAL class open to all mountain bikers **Note: The Power and Speed class will not begin until Wed, Jan 10th.

WEDNESDAYS at 5pm - Cycling Team Ride – Morgan Fletcher / Tom Carpenter – REQUIRED training ride for Bishop O’Dowd and Oakland Composite athletes.

THURSDAYS at 5pm – Performance Training Ride – John Cheetham – OPTIONAL training ride. Coaches will encourage selected riders to attend these sessions.

SUNDAYSOPTIONAL - On weekends when the trails are wet, a FLASH MTB TRAINING RIDE may be scheduled at CRUfit. When this happens, you will be notified by your coaches (typically by Friday night). You will need to sign up for these rides in advance through the CRUfit website. To sign up:  go to the CRUfit SCHEDULE , find the class and pick a bike.             

NOTE:  Coaches and Parents are welcome to attend the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday rides for free. If you would like to attend, please create a member profile (see Step 2 for Athletes below) and show up 15 minutes or more before the ride start time. No need to sign up for the ride online.

NOTE:  Coaches will assign a bike number to each of their athletes for use on the Tuesday and Wednesday REQUIRED rides. Since the coaches will assign bikes for the REQUIRED rides, ATHLETES DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP ONLINE FOR THE REQUIRED RIDES.

How to Set Up Athletes to Train at CRUfit:

1)  Give your coach your fee for team participation (this will cover your required rides at CRUfit).

2)   CREATE your CRUfit member profile.

3)  A parent or guardian must sign a CRUfit waiver to be turned in to your coach. DOWNLOAD WAIVER

How to Sign Up for OPTIONAL Classes:

4)  Purchase additional class credits if you want to attend OPTIONAL classes at CRUfit (see above).  NOTE:  these special prices are ONLY for Youth under 18 and are not valid for Adult use.

    a)  2 Credits (1 class) - $12 BUY
    b) 12 Credits (6 classes) - $60 ($10/class)  BUY
    c)  24 Credits (12 classes) - $96 ($8/class)  BUY

5)  Consider adding a credit card number to your account (can be done when logged on to the CRUfit website). This will allow athletes to buy credits (to attend classes) as needed.

6)  Sign up for all OPTIONAL classes by logging onto the CRUfit website and picking the class you want from the SCHEDULE . When signing up for OPTIONAL cycling classes, you have the opportunity to choose a bike number. Note that it is helpful to ride the same bike each time as this practice will yield the most accurate picture of performance improvement over time. Keep this in mind when signing up for Thursday Performance rides or Sunday FLASH RIDES.


Flash Rides on Sundays

On weekends when the trails are wet, a FLASH MTB TRAINING RIDE may be scheduled at CRUfit. When this happens, you will be notified by your coaches (typically by Friday night). These are OPTIONAL classes for which you will need to sign up in advance through the CRUfit website.


Other Classes at CRUfit / Training Over the End-of-Year Holiday Break

MTB Athletes are welcome to attend any class on the CRUfit schedule other than Fitness for Teens using credits from #4 above during their winter preparation period (through early March). In particular, riders may wish to stay active during the end-of-year holiday break (Dec 18th through Jan 7th). There will be OPTIONAL training rides for MTB athletes on Tue-12/19 at 4:30pm and Thu-12/21 at 5:00pm (follow OPTIONAL class instructions if you wish to attend these rides). Riders who are looking to attend other cycling classes over the break should consider Mark Sutro’s classes (Mon-6:30pm, Wed-6:30pm and Sat-9:10am) as he will be most familiar with their training plan.


Call CRUfit 510-842-9467, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.  Ask for Mark Sutro.