It has been a journey.  I thought I was fit. My first class was an introductory to TRX with Paul. I enjoyed it but was not yet sold. It was months later after receiving an email from CRUfit to check out their classes that I went back. So I thought “why not” as the club is right in my neighborhood.   I signed up for CRUfit Bootcamp express at 6:30AM because I thought I was “fit”. Well that was quickly squashed. I made the decision to step it down a bit and took the functional movement class with Paul. What an amazing class! In his class I  learned how to listen to my body and how far to push it to move, become a bit more flexible and I gained some muscle. It was a good 6 months before I was able to go back to the CRUfit Bootcamp express class in the early morning. I worked that class and the cycle classes with Abbey, Mia, Mark on the regular. I was determined to get to the level of the other CRUfit members I saw. It has definitely paid off. Not only does CRUfit have amazing classes and personal trainers, they have a front desk staff that greets you with smiles and encouragement. Then there is the peer support in the classes. There is a family vibe where every member wants all other members to succeed to their potential AND encourages new members to stick with it. I got that and more from  my peers AND the CRUfit staff. Over the course of 2.5 years I have lost over  45 lbs through exercise and diet. You get all of this from CRUfit.  The CRUfit community has completely changed my lifestyle. I am participating in Cycle events, Spartan races, and trainings I never imagined I could do. I have taken up scuba diving, and can keep up with the young kids in my life. It feels amazing. Thank you Mark, Mia and the entire CRUfit family. Check out my before and after pics. ~Tracy D.