Taryn O’Connell

Taryn has had a passion for sports and outdoor activities all her life. As a child she was involved in many sports including: soccer, basketball, tennis, and swimming. Once she began high school, she became thoroughly invested in rowing. She learned how to row with the Oakland Strokes and continued on to enjoy much racing success at Cal Berkeley. During her years as a competitive rower, Taryn raced in numerous world championship and other international regattas. In 2013 she went back to her roots and began coaching with the Oakland Strokes Novice Women. Erging is a staple in every rower’s training, and Taryn has had many years of experience learning how to physically and mentally master the Concept2 ergometer. She brings this knowledge to the table when training her athletes at the boathouse and at the gym. In her free time she enjoys backpacking, running, traveling, and is training to become a physical therapist.