CRUfit is an ideal Setting for Middle-Aged and Older Adult Workouts

CRUfit is known for providing a comfortable and friendly setting where participants at all ages and fitness levels can train, socialize and learn about a variety of health and fitness topics.. The CRUfit group training schedule offers adults a wide variety of classes which promote cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, agility, mental health and relaxation all while maintaining a community feel. We also offer personal training for those who are not sure where to start or don’t feel that group training is right for them. Our CRUfit Team also includes a Registered Dietician/Nutrition Counselor and a Lifestyle Coach.

If you haven't been active recently, no worries – you're not alone. CRUfit takes pride in helping new clients get started. You'll find our trainers and our members to be very supportive.


Group Training: Our trainers and members love new participants. It gives us all energy when new faces join our group. You will not be holding the class up and will not feel uncomfortable*. We offer four main types of classes plus several hybrid classes, all of which can be appropriate for middle-aged and older adults. Here are the four main types:

  • Functional Movement (FM):  this class is suitable for middle-aged and older adults. Functional Training and Functional Movement refer to exercises and movements which are designed to deliver benefits which will be very useful in day-to-day life. READ MORE on functional movement at CRUfit.

  • Indoor Cycling: A fun, no-impact activity that is great for cardiovascular fitness and leg strength. CRUfit is one of the few clubs in the East Bay that runs progressive cycling classes with a focus on helping you get stronger. We have some special seats for those who are uncomfortable on traditional (skinnier) bike seats. Our Cycling Theater is a beautiful and comfortable setting in which you can enjoy the rhythm of a good ride. Our introduction to cycling class (CRUfit Cycle 101) runs every Saturday morning.

  • Indoor Rowing: Group rowing is a CRUfit specialty which you will not find at most other clubs. Rowing is a rhythmic no-impact activity which works well for participants at all fitness levels. Most participants find rowing to be a very comfortable training modality which allows them to enjoy a fun full-body workout. Rowing is great for the legs and butt and also helps participants develop good core strength. Of interest to many is that rowing has been shown to help build and maintain spinal bone density. Our introduction to rowing class (CRUfit Row 101) runs every Saturday morning.

  • TRX:  “Total Resistance eXercise.” is a suspension training system which allows you to use your own bodyweight to perform a number of exercises.  The TRX system has the triple benefit of working the target muscle group while also working stabilizer muscles and core muscles during any given exercise. TRX works well for groups as it offers time-efficient, effective training in a format that allows group energy to lift all participants. Variations of specific exercises are offered so all participants work at a level that is appropriate for them. Our introduction to TRX class (CRUfit TRX 101) runs every Saturday morning.

  • Circuit Training: Circuit training refers to a set of different exercises done in a series. The set of exercises can be done once or repeated two or more times. At CRUfit we offer CRUcut (our most advanced circuit training class) in the early AM, Boxing Circuit (a series of boxing training exercises which works well for all fitness levels) and CRUfit FM (FM is a Functional Movement class specifically designed for middle-aged and older adults). Functional Training and Functional Movement refer to exercises and movements which are designed to deliver benefits which will be very useful in day-to-day life.

* If you have pre-existing medical conditions or injuries that may limit you in our group classes, please contact us to discuss prior to signing up for classes.