CRUfit offers personalized nutritional Guidance Program based on Your Body, Your Goals, and Your Lifestyle. Your body responds to the way you fuel it! Proper nutrition is the foundation of your body’s ability to maintain lean muscle, lose excess visceral and subcutaneous fat, improve energy, mental clarity, quality of sleep, hormonal balance, slow free radical damage, create longevity and overall improve your quality of life.

Julianne Kanzaki's Nutrition Philosophy

Julianne Kanzaki, MPH, RDN, is a registered dietitian and triathlete who is committed to helping others experience more energy and radiance in their lives through whole food nutrition. Using a real-world, real-food approach, she helps individuals develop a healthy relationship with food so they can eat for fuel, enjoyment and overall health. 

Her method is simple: she coaches and guides her clients through the whole change process. She recognizes their emotional challenges and identifies easy-to-implement, specific actions they can take for lasting impact. Her greatest joy comes from partnering alongside people and helping them reach their goals.

1-hour Drop-in Nutrition Counseling Session
Do you have some burning nutrition-related questions that you want a true professional registered dietitian to answer? Julianne will sit with you and answer anything and everything you want to know about diet and nutrition from a science and research-based perspective.  PURCHASE

Initial Nutrition Assessment

Any successful endeavor in life starts with a plan. We have business plans. Training plans for sport. Life and career plans. It's time you have a nutrition plan. With a proper nutrition plan, you'll have more energy, better sleep, and will know what to eat to avoid the afternoon slump. If you're tired of wasting hours each week figuring out on your own what you should eat to lose weight and feel more radiant, it's time you scheduled a nutrition assessment. Your customized nutrition plan includes:

  • Individualized meal plan created specifically around your food preferences and nutrition needs by a registered dietitian nutritionist with over 10+ years of experience
  • 10 simple, easy-to-follow recipes that save you 7 hours/week spent trying to meal plan
  • Meal preparation strategies to streamline planning and save you 7+ hours/week opening the refrigerator and worrying about "what's for dinner"
  • Proven strategies for reducing sugar cravings and other food addictions
  • Comprehensive list of nutrient-dense, whole foods and condiments to stock your pantry and refrigerator with
  • Meals to help you achieve your weight goals
  • Elevating energy levels with nutrient-dense, healthy, whole foods to avoid the afternoon slump


Nutrition Follow-up

Without accountability, most plans fail. The nutrition follow-ups are crucial components to successfully implementing the steps outlined in your nutrition assessment. This includes a review of your 3-day food log, a discussion of what went well, and adjustments that can be made to ensure your continued success on your health journey.  PURCHASE

Nutrition Follow-up (package of 4)

 The set of 4 follow-ups across 4 to 6 weeks provides the accountability to ensure that your plan gets fully established.  PURCHASE

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