Leyder Chapman has been working in the fitness industry for twenty years. He graduated from college in Havana, Cuba with a BA in physical education. At the age of 19, Leyder joined the Cuban National Basketball Team and played for four years before coming to the US in 2001. Since then, Leyder has taught salsa cardio dance, body conditioning, kickboxing and boot camps. He is also a basketball coach/trainer for kids ages 4-18. Not only is Leyder a talented athlete and trainer, he is also a singer and musician. His group, Dos Four, plays music that is a combination of Cuban rhythms (timba, reggaeton, etc) with merengue and latin hip-hop. Dos Four has performed all over the Bay Area as well as in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and has had two tours across Europe. Check out more at www.dosfourlcrecords.com.