Kids' Hip Hop Dance Class with André Cole

For ages 8 and up. No experience necessary.

Hip Hop was founded as a fun party dance, based in rhythm, originality and freestyle. Students are encouraged to explore new ways of using the body to express rhythmic and melodic interpretations of the music while engaging an excellent cardio workout!Enjoy a versatile and energizing music playlist as you train hip hop dance moves, musical rhythms, and freestyle concepts in a positive, explorative space. Students learn choreography phrases and practice the art of freestyle dance to develop a unique style that engages the imagination while building confidence, musical sensibilities and athletic ability.

Each class blends several different hip hop dance styles from around the U.S. which incorporate footwork, gliding, waving, popping, tutting, new jack swing and more. Students learn the names and origins of moves that span from the late 70’s when hip hop began, to present day styles being created and developed by their generation

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