CRUfit is the TOP indoor rowing gym in the Bay Area.  Group rowing is a rhythmic, meditation-like form of exercise which is both full-body cardio and strength training. It's also a non-impact activity.  Our instructors are steeped in competitive rowing and coaching and bring a passion which elevates the group.  If you follow the extensive form guidance given, chance of injury is low.  Rowing works the big muscles in the legs quads, hamstrings and gluts), the core muscles and the upper body muscles used for pulling. It has also been shown to be effective in building and maintaining spinal bone density.  We use Concept2 indoor rowers and their website has useful in-depth training and technique tips and videos.

CRUfit Row (2 credits) an excellent full-body cardio workout in a rhythmic group setting. Our instructors have been teaching indoor rowing for years and are skilled at helping new participants develop proper technique. Classes vary from flowing, low-cadence long-and-steady training sessions to higher intensity, higher cadence sessions featuring a series of short intervals. Periodic indoor rowing events will be offered to allow experienced rowers to test their fitness levels.

Open Row (1 credit) an informal training session for individuals who have been trained to row on the Concept2 indoor rower. Choose to row with a group or to row on your own. Group rowing during Open Row is generally focused on endurance training (long and steady work intervals). Prerequisite: Those interested in Open Row must take at least one other indoor rowing class at CRUfit to allow a CRUfit trainer to evaluate technique and readiness for Open Row.

CRUfit Bootcamp & Row (2 credits) offers rigorous full-body cardio on the Concept2 rower interspersed with full-body strength training and core work. The sessions will combine the benefits of our indoor rowing classes (solid cardio, rhythm and technique) with movements that will elevate your fitness and energy levels.

Heart Rate Monitors and Rowing
If you are training at CRUfit regularly, we suggest that you consider adding heart rate monitoring to your program. A heart rate monitor helps you identify when you are getting fitter (more work getting done at the same heart rate, faster heart rate recovery, etc.) and can also help you identify when you may need additional recovery time. We sell the following heart rate monitors at CRUfit:

Wahoo's line of TICKR heart rate monitors support simultaneous ANT+ and Bluetooth communication. They are a great option for CRUfitters as they will work with our bikes (see HR on your bike console via ANT+), with Performance IQ (get HR data in your cycling stats via ANT+), with our Concept2 rowing machines (via ANT+ or Bluetooth) and with your phone app of choice (via Bluetooth). We are now selling the Wahoo TICKR and the Wahoo TICKR X.

The TICKR is a basic dual wireless model which we sell for $50. The TICKR X has some more sophisticated features including a motion sensor (track running or cycling cadence, count reps, etc.) and memory for those who want to train with a minimum number of accessories and upload their training data after their workout. We sell the TICKR X for $80.