The CRUfit Fitness for Teens Summer Camp represents a new approach to the promotion of youth fitness. For Ages 10 and Up.

Fitness for Teens summer camp is the logical extension of our after-school fitness program. As in our after-school program, we welcome youth ages 10 and up, and offer fun, two-hour daily sessions that build cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength. Activities include indoor and outdoor games, indoor cycling, indoor rowing, body weight exercises, agility drills, and more. Our team has a lot of experience working with youth and includes our program director, trainers, a physical therapist, and a nutritionist.

Fitness for Teens is different from other summer camps in that it doesn’t just offer activities to fill the summer months; it actually trains and educates youth to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness and health. For this reason, it is offered in two-hour sessions. We realize this may not meet every family’s childcare needs, but we are confident that families who can make it work will find it worth the effort!

CRUfit youth programs aren’t just about fitness. We aim to deliver lessons on health and life that will endure and serve our participants for many years to come. We want our participants to understand that it is not mere chance that determines if they will feel good and be mentally sharp on any given day. The correlation between an active lifestyle backed by good nutrition and proper rest, and day-to-day energy levels and mental acuity is one we want all of our campers to grasp..

in addition to the online waiver which appears during creating a CRUfit account, for those under 18 we require a paper copy to be signed by participant and their parent/guardian before taking their first class. We have waivers available at the front desk or DOWNLOAD WAIVER and have your tween/teen turn it in at the front desk.