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Fitness for Rowing Summer Camp 2018. Starts May 9th.

For ages 14 and up. A holistic model for preparing for the rigors of competitive rowing.

The CRUfit Fitness for Rowing Summer Camp represents a unique concept for the development of rowing talent in the Bay Area. The camp presents a holistic model for preparing for the rigors of competitive rowing. We aim to teach young rowers how to manage their on-the-water rowing, strength work, supplemental cardio, flexibility work, recovery, nutrition and health so they can be physically and mentally ready to perform well each day. While we will spend some time on rowing technique, this camp does not aim to replace the many hours of on-the-water rowing that are necessary to develop the capability to row efficiently within the context of a crew. The camp features a rigorous training curriculum. Those looking for a bit more moderate intensity should consider CRUfit’s Fitness for Teens.



While participants will row, significant time will be spent on other training modalities to keep the training fresh while strengthening the body.
Volume Days – Selected days will be about maintaining more moderate intensities for extended durations during the cardiovascular training segments. Heart rate and/or power output targets will be set for the athletes to guide training intensity. Videos will be shown during longer segments in the Cycling Theater to educate and keep spirits high. These days will also typically include core and flexibility training.

Higher Intensity Days – Selected days will feature higher intensity training with fewer total minutes of work than is included during the volume days. Higher intensity training will include rowing, cycling, running, circuit training and plyometric exercises. These days will also typically include core and flexibility training.

in addition to the online waiver which appears during creating a CRUfit account, we require a paper copy to be signed by participant and their parent/guardian before taking their first class. We have waivers available at the front desk or DOWNLOAD WAIVER and have your tween/teen turn it in at the front desk.

1) NOTE: If your child does not have a CRUfit account, you'll need to create one. *Parents, please do not use your account to enroll your child.*
2) PRICING:   $150/week.  Discounts:  5% of for 3 or more weeks.  10% off for 5 or more weeks.  PURCHASE
3) SIGN UP:   Please let us know what days your teen will be coming to train. SCHEDULE