Purchase Fitness for Teens After School Program

For athletes and non-athletes ages 10 and up. Physical training will include full-body strength work using the TRX system plus numerous other accessories, and full-body cardiovascular work using indoor rowing machines and bikes. All training will be run in a group setting. Custom training schedules available: for more information contact Mark Sutro:  marks@crufit.net.


  1. Determine how many days your child wants to come.
  2. Purchase the number of days needed by clicking on link below.  (Contact us for a discount on 10 or more days)
  3. You will be promoted to Log In.  Do so with your child's CRUfit account. 
     If your child does not have a CRUfit account, please create one.                                                                                                                       *Parents, please do not use your own CRUfit account to enroll your child.*
  4. Complete purchase
  5. To enroll your child on their chosen days, call 510-842-9467, email info@crufit.net, or come into the club and speak with the Front Desk.

SPECIAL OFFER "Try It for $20"
for those who want to see what Fitness For Teens is all about, they can do so for just $20.  One time use only.
Contact us to take advantage of this special deal.

Fitness For Teens After School Program Daily Rate: $32
{Contact us for a discount for 10 or more days.}