The CRUfit Fitness for Rowing Summer Camp is a special indoor program created to help youth rowers of all levels prepare for on-the-water rowing. For ages 10 & up.

As in all our youth programs, we welcome youth ages 10 and up and offer fun, two-hour daily sessions that improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and rowing technique. Activities include indoor rowing, indoor cycling, plyometrics, stretching and strengthening exercises, and discussions about health and fitness topics. Our team has a lot of experience working with youth and includes our program director, trainers, a physical therapist, and a nutritionist.

Fitness for Rowing is different from other summer camps in that it doesn’t just offer activities to fill the summer months; it actually trains and educates youth to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness and health.

CRUfit coaching has benefitted many San Francisco Bay-Area rowers of all ages. We welcome first-time rowers as well as first-time athletes. CRUfit has many success stories of youth rowing with us for the first time, falling in love with the sport, and going on to enjoy competitive on-the-water rowing.

CRUfit LIABILITY WAIVER in addition to the online waiver which appears during creating a CRUfit account, for those under 18 we require a paper copy to be signed by participant and their parent/guardian before taking their first class. We have waivers available at the front desk or DOWNLOAD WAIVER and have your tween/teen turn it in at the front desk.