Active Parents = Active Kids.  June 12th- August 31st.  Ages 10-17 can take classes for free.

CRUfit wants to help parents instill the love of fitness in their children and help establish healthy lifelong habits.  Exercising together makes the family stronger (physically & mentally) and CRUfit offers many classes, such as rowing and cycling, which would be suitable for both parents and their kids ages 10-17. Give us a call to discuss appropriate suggestions.

June 12th - August 31st each parent attending class can bring one kid with them for free. 

How to make it happen:
  • If you don't already have an account, create separate ones for you and for your child (use their name, but your contact information).  CREATE ACCOUNT
  • A paper waiver will be need to be signed on behalf of your child (download waiver & print OR sign one at front desk)
  • SCHEDULE everyone for class
  • Come in for class and the front desk will take care of the free part!

For CRUfit programs especially developed for youth ages 10-17, check out FITNESS FOR TEENS summer camps page.