In CRUfit cycling classes experience fun, group energy while training with CRUfit Power Zones.  This combination helps you get results such as enhanced cardiovascular fitness and a stronger, leaner body.  The CRUfit Cycling Theater is equipped with air conditioning, fans, focused lighting, a great sound system and easy-to-use, smooth-riding bikes. 

CRUfit CYCLE (2 credits)
Our fun indoor cycling classes feature a proven approach to enhance your fitness. CRUfit's team of top-notch trainers craft an outstanding experience for cyclists at all ages and levels of fitness.

CRUfit CYCLE 90 (3 credits)
classes are 90 minutes long to allow additional training time for more ambitious riders.


 A rhythmic based interval training with emphasis on aerobic endurance. 45 minutes. Participants get performance feedback to motivate them through each session.  All ages & fitness levels welcome.

CRUfit Cycle Blast (2 credits)

A fast-paced, high energy 45-minute cycling class which features short work intervals at high intensity coupled with short to moderate rest intervals. Some classes will be run in a Tabata training format. Participants get performance feedback to motivate them through each session.  All ages & fitness levels welcome.

Fat Burning Ride - Fast Recommended (2 credits)

Pro cyclists and other endurance athletes train at low-to-moderate intensity while in a fasted state regularly to: allow their bodies time to recover from higher intensity sessions and train their muscles to better utilize fat as fuel. Better fat utilization can enhance athletic performance in endurance events and can also help you become leaner. Experience the gentle rhythms of riding at low-to-moderate intensity while learning a bit about the underlying science. For best results, you'll want to do your low-to-moderate intensity training while in a fasted state. So wake up, have a nice drink of water and come on in. If you have a heart rate monitor, please bring it with you.

Family Cycle (2 credits)
A slightly shorter (45 min), more basic cycling class ideal for families, new riders and intermediate riders at all fitness levels. Family Cycle is slower-paced than our early morning and evening performance rides. More time is spent on bike setup and training fundamentals.

Heart Rate Monitors and Cycling
If you are training at CRUfit regularly, we suggest that you consider adding heart rate monitoring to your program. A heart rate monitor helps you identify when you are getting fitter (more work getting done at the same heart rate, faster heart rate recovery, etc.) and can also help you identify when you may need additional recovery time.

Wahoo's line of TICKR heart rate monitors support simultaneous ANT+ and Bluetooth communication. They are a great option for CRUfitters as they will work with our bikes (see HR on your bike console via ANT+), with Performance IQ (get HR data in your cycling stats via ANT+), with our Concept2 rowing machines (via ANT+ or Bluetooth) and with your phone app of choice (via Bluetooth). We are now selling the Wahoo TICKR and the Wahoo TICKR X.

The TICKR is a basic dual wireless model which we sell for $50. The TICKR X has some more sophisticated features including a motion sensor (track running or cycling cadence, count reps, etc.) and memory for those who want to train with a minimum number of accessories and upload their training data after their workout. We sell the TICKR X for $80.
CRUfit Power Zones:  Get the most out of your cycling and enjoy your results!
Most indoor cyclists train at about the same intensity and for the same duration each time they work out.  Not surprisingly, most indoor cyclists make some initial gains when they begin training and plateau fairly quickly.  A planned training progression and real-time feedback are essential to break away from this pattern.  Our instructors offer training profiles and insights aimed to work you through a progression using CRUfit Power Training Zones.  We have a simple way of personalizing power zones for you.  The color-coded guidance will make it easy for you to understand the intensity you should be training at during any segment of any workout. Get the most out of your cycling and enjoy your results!  In addition to feeling stronger on the bike, you will build lean muscle, increase your caloric burn while working out and, while at rest, feel more vital and have sharper mental acuity.  CLICK ON THE "POWER ZONES" IMAGES BELOW TO LEARN MORE