Free Stretching & Injury Prevention Clinic for Cyclists

July 11 (Wednesday)  |  7:45-8:30pm


JOIN LOCAL SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPIST AND FELLOW CYCLIST DARA RICHMAN, DPT, for this INFORMATIVE & FREE clinic. Learn about techniques and stretches to help with any current injuries or issues related to cycling and sports. Clinic will be hands-on with foam rolling and stretching. Space is limited. REGISTER today!


Currently:  CRUfit Gallery Featured Artist: Pat Hayashi

The CRUfit Gallery's mission is to promote and share the multiple artistic talents of CRUfit members and the community. This month, the gallery is showcasing the works of CRUfit member, Pat Hayashi.

In his words,  “
I took up art sixteen years ago when I was fifty-six.   I was nearing  the end of a long and satisfying career at the University of California.  Because my work at UC involved a lot of writing and speaking, I thought it would be interesting to do something completely different, something visual, not verbal. 

I began taking art classes through UC Extension. Most beginners wisely choose to concentrate on a particular medium and subject. I did the opposite. From the start, I have dabbled in everything – pastel, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor and oil. I like to do landscapes, still lifes, figure studies, self-portraits and abstracts. I recently took up printmaking and have tried my hand at etchings and monotypes. I like to think that what I lack in depth I make up for in breadth. 

My impulse to try everything is getting worse. This past year, I started to play with matches and began painting with fire and smoke. I found that working in an unfamiliar, ornery medium made me go back to the fundamentals and focus on making interesting, varied shapes, light, mid-range and dark tones, lost and found edges and simple, abstract compositions.  

Sometimes I think that I should stop being so scattered and focus, focus, focus. Then, I say, “Naw. Not now, maybe later.”

Come to CRUfit to view some of Pat's work in person and see more on his WEBSITE. If you or someone you know would be interested in presenting work, please contact Jen at the front desk at 510-842-9467 or email