Concept2 World Erg Challenge 2018:  ROW. ROW. ROW!
CRUfit rowers will be competing against rowers around the world during the World Erg Challenge. The competition is based on total meters rowed. There are no fast or slow meters - just meters. This year we are aiming to field a team of 80 to 100 athletes and we will once again chase the elusive team target of 10 million meters (we totaled just over 8 million meters in the Fall 2017 Challenge). CRUfit has a history of strong results in Concept2's challenges. In the last six challenges, we recorded one second place finish, three 3rd place finishes and two 4th place finishes in the worldwide health club category. Even if you have a logbook on the Concept2 website and have been part of the CRUfit Team before, you still need to opt in for The Challenge. Here's how to do it:


How to Join the CRUfit Team

STEP 1:  CREATE A LOGBOOK account on the Concept2 website, click on LOGBOOK at the top of the page and complete the profile information form. If you already have a Concept2 Logbook account, skip this step.

STEP 2:  JOINT THE CRUfit TEAM.  You can do this on the "Teams" tab while logged into your logbook account (this is different than the "affiliation" you put in when you setup your logbook account). Even if your affiliation is "CRUfit" you still need to join the "CRUfit" team. If you already joined the CRUfit team for an earlier event, skip this step.

STEP 3:  OPT IN for the World Erg Challenge: It's not enough to be on the CRUfit team. You must also opt in for the World Erg Challenge. Concept2 requires you to do this each time you participate in a new Challenge.You can do this on the "Teams" tab while logged into your logbook account.


New For This Year:  We are urging all Challenge participants to make a meters pledge. Your pledge will be the number of meters you will contribute during The Challenge period. Think about it. You've got 30 (actually 31) days to row and record meters. Here is a quick guide:


5,000 meters a day = 150,000m
7,500 meters a day = 225,000m
10,000 meters a day = 300,000m
15,000 meters a day = 450,000m


During the Challenge period, we will help you identify your meters rowed after each training session so you can post them in your logbook. Your meters will automatically be tallied for the CRUfit team and we will all be watching the standings.