CIRCUIT TRAINING takes you through sets of different exercises which target different muscle groups with short periods of rest in between. It's a body conditioning workout that builds strength, increases muscular endurance and trains the cardiorespiratory system.


CRUfit BOOTCAMP (2 credits) / CRUfit BOOTCAMP EXPRESS (2 credits) a workout packed with a variety of exercises that will challenge your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. If you've been getting stagnant in your training and want to move past that plateau, this class is for you.  Many different training modalities and an ever-changing mix of activities will keep your muscles and mind sharp to help you move to a higher level of fitness. Variations on many exercises are given to accommodate different ages and fitness levels.  CRUfit Bootcamp Express lasts 45 minutes.


CRUfit BOOTCAMP & ROW (2 credits) offers rigorous full-body cardio on the Concept2 rower interspersed with full-body strength training and core work. The sessions will combine the benefits of our indoor rowing classes (solid cardio, rhythm and technique) with movements that will elevate your fitness and energy levels.

CRUcut (3 credits) an advanced circuit-based training program that offers a challenge for those of various ages and fitness levels. Program content will vary, but can include some high intensity intervals to elevate heart rate followed by a series of functional movements using your body weight and a number of training accessories. CRUcut is designed to help build both functional body strength and muscular endurance.  CRUcut Express lasts 45 minutes.

Note: this is NOT a beginner class. Recommended prerequisites are CRUfit Bootcamp, CRUfit TRX Circuit, or previous experience with strength training.

POWER & STRENGTH (2 credits) A fast-paced, full-body training class including explosive movements for those at intermediate and advanced fitness levels. By training your body to work through a variety of movement patterns with good form, fluidity, and eventually with more speed, you can learn to create more power. Work with your own body-weight and when ready, work with light to moderate weights, including but not limited to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. This class delivers effective preparation for a number of sporting activities. Trainer Tinu Mishra is an experienced track and field coach.


CRUfit BOXING CIRCUIT (2 credits) is boxing and MMA style conditioning infused with traditional circuit training. Builds strength, cardiovascular fitness, speed, balance and agility. Learn how to punch and kick with proper form and how to perform a number of additional movements commonly used in training by boxers and MMA practitioners. This is a fairly fast-moving class, but variations are offered for participants at different fitness levels.

BOXING WRAPS are provided at no charge for those taking a Boxing Circuit class for the first time.  For subsequent visits, boxing wraps are available to rent at $2 per pair.