Helen Horvath

During her 14-year career as a firefighter and paramedic in the San Francisco Fire Department, Helen's fitness routine included weight lifting and rowing a whaleboat on the Bay.  After moving on to a career as a nurse practitioner, she found a new way to keep her inner athlete alive by training with Mark Sutro’s PMAX program. Since 2010, Helen has been a dedicated indoor rower who continues to find new challenges on the rowing machine. She appreciates the camaraderie of group rowing as well as the constant reinforcement and motivation provided by the machine’s performance monitor.  Helen enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for indoor rowing with new and experienced rowers and focuses on good technique along with a solid workout. When she isn’t on a rowing machine, she works as a nurse practitioner at a geriatric primary care clinic in Berkeley and follows the Warriors. She lives in Alameda with her husband and a collection of carnivorous plants.