Dante Rodrigues

Intuition. Compassion. Inner knowing. Dante Rodrigues embraces these qualities. Combining them with scientific knowledge about fitness, he develops a fine attunement with his clients’ needs to support wellness from the inside-out. He has a strong background in eastern traditions including Chinese Martial Arts, Qigong, Tai Chi and yoga, as well as Thai and American boxing and strength training.

Dante grew up in the Bay Area, and applying his love for old Kung Fu movies as a young teenager, found a home in Martial Arts. Dante was not always as fit or as grounded. It was through his own personal journey to fitness that he grew internally strong, developing the quiet confidence and ability to truly connect with people, that is now signature to his training.

Dante’s philosophy about health includes the belief that fitness is as much about inner strength as anything else. Looking good is one thing, but feeling good is really the goal. He is a highly skilled certified trainer from the National Personal Training Institute. He listens deeply to create unique workouts using multiple skill areas to meet his clients’ needs. Dante’s coaching is infused with creativity, a balance between instruction and encouragement, and workouts with measurable results.