CRUfit Class Descriptions



CRUfit Cycle (2 credits)

Our cycling classes offer all the music and fun you expect from indoor cycling plus a proven approach to enhance your fitness. The beautiful CRUfit cycling theater is equipped with 34 smooth-riding FreeMotion S11.9 bikes, two big screen TV’s, quality sound, cool lighting and a powerful climate control system. Led by a veteran team of indoor cycling trainers, CRUfit Cycle offers an outstanding experience for cyclists at all levels of fitness. CRUfit Cycle 90 classes (3 credits) are 90 minutes long to allow additional training time for more ambitious riders.

CRUfit Cycle Blast (2 credits)

A fast-paced, high energy training on the bike with an emphasis on music and fun. Most trainings will feature short work intervals at high intensity coupled with short to moderate rest intervals. Some classes will be run in a Tabata training format. Like all CRUfit cycling classes, participants will get performance feedback to motivate them through each training session. 

CRUfit Cycle 101 (2 credits)

A slightly shorter (45 min), more basic cycling class geared for new riders, those who have not been riding regularly and those who want more personalized instruction. This class includes all the music & fun of our other cycling classes.

CRUfit Teen Cycle (2 credits)
That's right - it's a fun cycling class specifically built for teens. David Naughton, leader of our Fitness for Teens After School program, leads this class for youths from age 11 on up. Participants should be 5 feet or taller in order to be comfortable on the CRUfit bikes. We will help each participant get set up on the bikes and David will lead the group through a fun 45 minute training session featuring important training concepts, fun facts and a collection of current beats.


CRUfit Row (2 credits)
An excellent full-body cardio workout in a rhythmic group setting. Our rowing trainers have been teaching indoor rowing for years and are skilled at helping new participants develop proper technique. Classes use Concept2 indoor rowers and vary from flowing, low-cadence long-and-steady training sessions to higher intensity, higher cadence sessions featuring a series of short intervals. Periodic indoor rowing events will be offered to allow experienced rowers to test their fitness levels.

CRUfit Rock & Row (2 credits) a fast-paced circuit training class which blends a healthy dose of indoor rowing with a series of functional strength exercises. Rock and Row uses a variety of training accessories to challenge all muscle groups. Like our signature CRUcut class, no two Rock and Row classes will be the same. Rock and Row is designed to efficiently build cardiovascular fitness and functional body strength. Training variations will be offered for functional exercises to allow those at all fitness levels to benefit from this class. If you are new to rowing please attend a CRUfit Row 101 class prior to attending Rock and Row.

CRUfit Row 101 (2 credits) A slightly shorter (45 min), more basic rowing class geared for new rowers, those who have not been rowing regularly and those who want more personalized instruction. Includes all the music & rhythmic fun of our other rowing classes.

CRUfit Strength30/Row45 (3 credits) A TOTAL body workout aiming to balance out the rigors of rowing with complementary strength training. This class incorporates TRX, TRX Rip, Kettlebells, body weight exercises and other training methods. 30 minutes of strength training and 45 minutes of rowing.

Open Row (1 credit) An informal training session for individuals who have been trained to row on the Concept2 indoor rower. Each participant may elect to row with a group or to row on their own. Group rowing during Open Row will generally be focused on endurance training (long and steady work intervals). Prerequisite: Those who are interested in Open Row must take at least one other indoor rowing class at CRUfit to allow a CRUfit trainer to evaluate technique and readiness for Open Row.


CRUcut (3 credits)
a circuit-based training program that offers an appropriate challenge for participants at all ages and fitness levels. Program content will vary, but always includes short intervals of aerobic activity followed by a series of functional movements using your body weight and a number of training accessories. CRUcut is designed to help participants build both functional body strength and muscular endurance.

CRUfit Agile (2 credits) The goal of CRUfit Agile is to incorporate agility, balance and quickness drills along with some TRX exercises that will target specific movements to accommodate the ultimate goal of delivering improved functional fitness for participants at all fitness levels. This training will help you become more confident and more skilled in completing the movements that are part of day-to-day life for active people. The training approach used in CRUfit Agile is also effective in improving athletic performance in a number of active sports. In addition to working with the TRX straps, the class will use equipment such as agility props, medicine balls, light weights, resistance bands and the heavy ropes. Workout intervals will be moderate to high intensity based on individual needs and will last 15-45 seconds. Rest intervals will vary depending the type of workout planned for the day.

CRUfit Boxing Circuit (2 credits) is boxing and MMA style conditioning infused with traditional circuit training. This class builds strength, cardiovascular fitness, speed, balance and agility for participants. Participants learn how to punch and kick with proper form and how to perform a number of additional movements which are commonly used in training by boxers and MMA practitioners. A portion of the class is done solo and a portion is done with partners. This is a fairly fast-moving class, but variations are offered for participants at different fitness levels. While not required for the first class, we strongly recommend that ongoing participants purchase their own gloves or hand wraps for use when punching.


CRUfit TRX Tone & Sculpt (2 credits) Instructors combine work on the TRX Suspension Trainer with other strength training accessories to create a fun workout designed to tone your entire body.  TRX is an efficient full-body strength training tool that can help you sculpt your shoulders, arms, back, abs, legs and butt.  Like our TRX Circuit classes, instructors demonstrate variations on specific exercises to allow participants to train at the level that works for them.

CRUfit TRX Circuit (2 credits) A similar mix of movements to TRX Tone & Sculpt, plus periodic segments of cardiovascular exercise designed to keep participant heart rates up throughout the session. Instructors demonstrate variations on movement patterns to allow all participants to train at the level that works for them.  TRX is an efficient full-body strength training tool that can help you sculpt your shoulders, arms, back, abs, legs and butt.

CRUFit TRX & Kettlebell Circuit (2 credits) This class adds basic kettlebell movements to our standard TRX Circuit offering. Kettlebells are a wonderful tool for developing strength and coordination.  TRX is an efficient full-body strength training tool that can help you sculpt your shoulders, arms, back, abs, legs and glutes.  Instructors demonstrate variations on movement patterns to allow all participants to train at the level that works for them.

CRUfit TRX 101 (2 credits)  A slightly shorter (45 min), more basic TRX class geared for those who are new to TRX training and those who want more personalized instruction. This class includes all the music and fun of our other TRX classes.


CRUfit FM {Functional Movement} (2 credits) Don’t accept dwindling strength, flexibility and balance as a natural part of aging. You can roll back the clock with some guided exercises which build upon each other to deliver a better functioning body. The CRUfit FM (FM= Functional Movement) class is aimed at improving each participant’s strength, flexibility and balance with progressive exercises that safely strengthen core muscles and other major muscle groups while heightening body awareness. By partnering balance training with core development, participants improve their functional movement and minimize their risk of injuries and falls. Each participant can work through the CRUfit FM progression at their own pace. The class utilizes body weight exercises, light weights and other tools to give participants a unique training experience. All ages and fitness levels welcome.

Crufit FM Balance (2 credits) is a functional movement class structured to build the body and mind with sets of progressive exercises, stretching, rolling and guided meditation. The emphasis is developing and strengthening the muscles of the core, along with movement patterns and postures designed to improve balance and perceptual awareness. Learn how to balance the stresses of life through proper breathing techniques and guided meditation. Participants leave class feeling physically and mentally refreshed and revitalized.

CRUfit Strong (2 credits) is a full-body strength training class that will feature a fresh mix of exercises each week. Equal emphasis will be placed on upper body, core and lower body training. Equipment used will include weights, TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls, heavy ropes and other accessories with an emphasis on functional movement and on working in all three planes of motion (frontal, sagittal, and transverse/rotational). The class is designed for all fitness levels.