CRUfit Youth Fitness Programs

These programs represent a new concept for the promotion of fitness, health and social skills for local youths. On the surface, they are fun programs packed with games, training activities and discussions on topics of interest. We aim to deliver variability in our day-to-day programming so our participants stay enthused about each day’s activities. Music which appeals to the younger set will be played during many of our indoor training sessions. At a deeper level, we aim to deliver lessons on health and fitness which will last a lifetime.

We want our participants to understand that it is not mere chance that determines if they will feel good and be mentally sharp on any given day. The correlation between: an active lifestyle backed by good nutrition and proper rest and day-to-day energy levels and mental acuity is one we want all of our campers to grasp.

Activities include: Indoor and outdoor games, indoor cycling, indoor rowing, body weight exercises, agility drills and more. Our team has a lot of experience working with youths and includes our program director, trainers, a physical therapist discussion leader and a nutritionist discussion leader.

Young athletes and non-athletes of varying ages and fitness levels can find a CRUfit Youth Program suitable for their needs and goals.