Power Meters: Everything You Need to Know | Cycling Weekly | 3/31/2016

Power meters on bikes are a wonderful tool that can help you chart your path to greater fitness. Unfortunately, there is usually a lot to learn in order to use a power meter effectively. CRUfit is one of the few indoor cycling studios in the Bay Area that offers cycling (spinning) classes which provide a simple structure for sophisticated training with power. This allows our customers to use our bikes and our power meters to set reasonable targets and map their progression over time without all the overhead generally associated with ramping up to use a power meter. Training with power on the bike has been shown to have a strong positive correlation with fitness gains and this has held true at CRUfit. For those that want to understand more details, check out this article on the ins and outs of training with a power meter outdoors. Note that Stages makes a leading power meter for outdoor use (featured in the article) and we have Stages power meters on all of our indoor bikes.  ~ Mark Sutro, co-founder CRUfit


PowerZones-Chart-p1  Power Zone Screen in Class

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