Study: Physical Fitness Linked to Brain Fitness | U.S. News & World Report | By Allie Bidwell | Aug. 19, 2014

In recent years, several studies have shown a correlation between aerobic fitness and improved brain function. This article from US News and World Reports highlights one of these studies which was done with children. At CRUfit, we feel it is important that teens understand that physical and mental fitness are intertwined. If they can bring an active balance to their lives, they will perform better academically and athletically while setting the table for a long healthy life. Our Youth Fitness Programs, including Fitness for Teens and Fitness for Rowing, are designed with this in mind. ~CRUfit

Led by Laura Chaddock-Heyman, a research scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Beckman Institute, a team of researchers found greater aerobic fitness is associated with more fibrous and compact white matter, a type of nerve tissue connected to learning and brain function. Previous research has shown more compact white matter fibers can lead to improved cognitive performance.

"Our work has important implications for educational and public health policies, as sedentary behaviors and inactivity rise and physical activity opportunities are reduced or eliminated during the school day," Chaddock-Heyman says. "Hopefully these findings will reinforce the importance of aerobic fitness during development and lead to additional physical activity opportunities in and out of the school environment."


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