Tinu Mishra

Tinu Mishra instructs the following:
  • CRUcut (3 Credits)
  • an advanced circuit-based training program that offers a challenge for those of various ages and fitness levels. Program content will vary, but can include some high intensity intervals to elevate heart rate followed by a series of functional movements using your body weight and a number of training accessories. CRUcut is designed to help build both functional body strength and muscular endurance.

  • Power and Strength (2 Credits)
  • A fast-paced, full-body training class including explosive movements for those at intermediate and advanced fitness levels. By training your body to work through a variety of movement patterns with good form, fluidity, and eventually with more speed, you can learn to create more power. Work with your own body-weight and when ready, work with light to moderate weights, including but not limited to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. This class delivers effective preparation for a number of sporting activities. Trainer Tinu Mishra is an experienced track and field coach.