About CRUfit

CRUfit is a neighborhood fitness club where individuals of all ages and physical abilities can gather to share a fun fitness experience and a physical transformation. At different times of the day CRUfit serves: older adults, middle-age adults, younger adults and teens through group classes and personal training delivered by seasoned trainers. The name CRUfit comes in part from the diverse mix of classes we offer (Cycling, Rowing, Unifying strength training and dance classes). "CRU" means growth in French and it is the sound-alike cousin of "crew ." We are about personal growth through the power of the group.


Those who have not been active for a while will find CRUfit to be a comfortable club where they can ramp-up slowly, establishing a workout routine appropriate for their needs. CRUfit trainers in all classes give special attention to newer participants. More experienced members will find plenty of challenging options on our class schedule. We encourage all members to set goals for their fitness journey. Goals might include active vacations, fitness challenges, competitive events and/or changes in body composition. Beyond physical training, we aspire to make our club an inviting place for all our members to socialize with other members and our staff.